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2020年05月08日 UP!

Information about Extension of School Closure ~Japan Motorsports College Osaka~

8 May 2020

Dear Students

School Corporation Sokuten Gakuen
Osaka Animal Plants Ocean College
Principal Masakatsu Tomiyama

Japan Motorsports College Osaka
Principal Tomoyuki Matsuura

Information about Extension of School Closure

       The outline of the Osaka emergency measures after May 7 was notified again, and another extension request for temporary closure was requested by Osaka Prefecture. Up until now, we have announced that the school will be closed until May 10, but we will extend the school closure again for the purpose of preventing the spread of the New Corona Virus. The Government’s Declaration of Emergency is until May 31, but it is said that the period will be reviewed in the middle of May. Therefore, the extension period is as follows:


Extension period : Deadline is undecided, until the period of “Osaka Prefecture’s Declaration of Emergency” ended.


       Students are kindly requested to wait and study at home from the viewpoint of infection prevention. Please watch streaming lesson on YouTube at home. As the situation changes moment by moment keep in touch by phone, email, Line, etc.

Thank you for your cooperation.




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